Furniture price list

Retail price list in Euro ex VAT, January 2015, excluding of export packing and shipping.


product name: Cube
product price: € 4.000,00

Double Cube

product name: Double Cube
product price: € 4.400,00

Gold Tree

product name: Gold Tree
product price: € 7.000,00


product name: Intreccio
product price 100/70/70 (cm):
€ 4.900,00
product price 80/80/70 (cm):
€ 4.350,00


product name: Roma
product price: € 6.800,00


product name: Square
product price: € 4.100,00

Square Pouf

product name: Square Pouf
product price: € 3.700,00

same price for fabric or leather models

product name: Gold
product price: € 3.600,00

Gold Ray

product name: Gold Ray
product price: € 5.300,00

Library sofa

product name: Library sofa
product price: € 16.000,00

Red sofa

product name: Red sofa
product price: € 8.900,00

product without fabric:
€ 5.600,00

Square Coffee Table

product name: Square Coffee Table
product price: € 8.600,00


product name: Ellisse sofa and pouf
product price: on request